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Off they race outside the door en-route to the school bus stop, Lolo and Isigangi both make it out the door at the same time and begin their usual race to the bus stop. Meanwhile, Darla is in her usual relaxed and calm mood. Slowly walking behind the boys and laughing at the boys every morning race to the bus stop.

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As they get on their school bus, Lolo tells Isigangi and Darla "today’s school lunch is my all time favorite cheese toasties (which the lunch lady Ms Opal always makes sure I get a double layer of cheese in mine) and tomato soup day.” Darla replies “Yes, Lolo you have been telling us that since yesterday”, and Isigangi quickly adds “yeah you have and I am not all that happy about it as that’s one of my least favorite lunches. Only because I don’t like that tomato soup, I’d rather have aside of fries with my grilled cheese!

Darla asks Lolo and Isigangi if they could pick one cafeteria lunch to eat every day, what would it be? Both Isigangi and Darla instantly say to Lolo that he doesn’t have to answer as they both already know his pick. Lolo chuckles and sits down in his seat. Isigangi looks out the window as they journey to school and begins to think about what would be his dream everyday lunch…

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The lunch bell rings and all the kids eagerly ran out of class and head straight for the cafeteria eager to see their friends, collect their lunch and grab their favorite seat!

 Lolo spots Darla and yells out to her “I haven’t seen Isigangi for most of the morning.” Darla then realizes that she too hasn’t seen him. Darla says to Lolo “Lets head to the cafeteria and look for him there. As I think he is probably already eating lunch and complaining about the tomato soup.”

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As all the students approach the cafeteria they begin to realize that something isn’t exactly right. The usual entry door to the cafeteria has disappeared, the windows are blocked with what looks like digital screens and the door now requires a code before entry. Darla and Lolo are most confused and slightly curious as to the cause and what could be happening inside.

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None of the students want to try and enter the cafeteria and choose to walk away. Lolo and Darla are too curious to walk away and need to know what is happening inside. Lolo walks around the corner from the cafeteria entry door and spots a large acorn tree. Lolo’s impeccable climbing ability comes to the rescue and he speedily climbs up the acorn tree. He remembers seeing a large skylight window in the roof when he was eating lunch inside the cafeteria last week. He is aiming to get to the top branch that is right by the skylight window and have a look inside the cafeteria. 

While waiting for Lolo to inform her of what is happening inside the cafeteria. Darla spots a squirrel, and her ability to talk to animals helps her find out from the squirrel what is happening inside that cafeteria. The squirrel informs her that they need to hurry up and get inside that cafeteria and stop the ants. But before Darla can ask the squirrel what does stop the ants mean, the squirrel has run off. 

SS1 - Scene 6.jpeg

Lolo makes it the top branch is able to look through the skylight window. To his shock he spots abnormally large ants operating in the cafeteria and making what looks like different types of pizzas. 

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But Lolo also notices that the pizza isn’t being put on trays but instead being packaged and put into delivery boxes. Lolo immediately turns and spots Isigangi monitoring the ants and making sure they are working at full speed. 

 Lolo calls out to Darla, a bit too loud, the ants and Isigangi look up and realize they have been caught. 

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Lolo comes down from the roof to meet Darla at the bottom of the acorn tree. Lolo informs Darla of what he saw “the ants are abnormality large and robot like figures, and Isigangi is making them package up the pizzas and load them into a truck!”  Darla realizes Isigangi is planning to sell the pizzas to collect gold teeth to buy himself all the lunches his heart desires, while they all go hungry! 

SS1 - Scene 7 copy.jpg

Darla has already realized they only need a code to enter into the cafeteria and put a stop to Isigangi’s scheme. Darla begins to touch on the screen and put in different codes when she realizes that the screen is actually just a scare tactic. The moment she realizes you can’t even press the numbers, she yells out “Lolo help me push open this door!”

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They press on the door and immediately it opens. Lolo and her run in heading straight for the pizzas and immediately Isigangi grabs a box of pizza that has already been boxed up and heads for the loaded pick up truck. Lolo yells out, “No Isigangi, that’s for our lunch”. Isigangi looks back while running, Lolo is swinging from light to light trying to get to him meanwhile Darla is yelling out “Isigangi, STOP! You are about to trip over a large pile of boxes!” 

Lolo jumps down and moves the boxes out of Isigangi’s way. Darla comes up behind Isigangi and grabs the pizza box from him, telling him they’ll have to share this between a lot of students. 

SS1 - Scene 8 copy.jpg
SS1 - Scene 8.jpeg

Isigangi says “don’t worry there are plenty for sale in the pickup truck.” Lolo says “what pick up truck? It’s already gone with all the ants and the pizzas.” Lolo looks at Isigangi and says I guess pizza is what you would choose for lunch every day.  Darla just laughs and says “Oh, why did I ever ask!”

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SS1 - Scene 9.jpeg

Darla is tapping Isigangi on the shoulder, trying to tell him that it’s time to get off the bus as they have arrived at school. 

Lolo says “hey Isigangi what would be your lunch pick? Darla’s pick was nachos,” Isigangi replies definitely pizza (with a cheeky grin).

Series I - Short Story #1 of the Lolo&Darla short stories series. 

Characters Attire


Brand: Wolf&Rita

Top: Luis Saudade Jumper

Bottom: André Verde Trousers


Brand: Wolf&Rita

Top: Sonia Superbacana Rosa Bodysuit

Bottom: Henrique Superbacana Azul Trousers


Brand: Wolf&Rita

Top&Bottom: Miguel Xadrez Jumpsuit

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