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The 3 in 1 postcard pack, because a postcard in the mail is that sweet old school charm. Everything has been designed in house by the Lolo&Darla team. From the slogans to the art illustrations, it has all been a process and work of love. Postcards that can be for all ages and genders, a fun and simple way to make somone's day a bit brighter. As stated in one of the postcards, "thanking you with my words and actions", that is truly what we, the Lolo&Darla team, designed these postcards for.

"Thank You" - Postcard Pack

  • Clear and easy to read text, with a very high print quality. A heavyweight paper has been selcted for these postcards to try to help prevent lifting of the edges. You will see the details and the high quality when you have your own tangible Lolo&Darla postcard in your very own hands. 

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