The bell rings and the all begin to collecting the books and pick up their bags. As they leave their English classroom the teacher hands each student a flyer. Isigangi, Darla and Lolo are all reading the flyer outside the classroom when they realize it’s an announcement of the upcoming Spelling Bee. Before even fully reading the flyer, Darla is instantly interested and ready to put her name down on the entry list. Lolo continues reading the fine print that states  “Spell it right, say it clearly for a prize that’ll be locked in your memory.” It just took the word “prize” to interest both him and Isigangi.

As it is Friday and the Spelling Bee will be held at their school on the following Monday. Darla tells both Lolo and Isigangi “if we want to do good we must all study our vocabulary over the weekend. This Spelling Bee will not be an easy one and there is bound to be some high competition.” Lolo smirks at Isigangi. Isigangi says “Yes, we must study hard Darla, as we need to all work together to increase our chances of winning this prize.”

Up early Saturday morning, Darla is in the backyard tree house writing multiple vocabulary words on flashcards. Lolo and Isigangi are getting their snacks for the day organized as Darla has them on a strict studying schedule.

 Isigangi says to Lolo “I hope this grand prize is well worth all these study hours.” Lolo replies “I am certain that it will be well worth the sacrifice. I am already planning what I will do with my winnings. Isigangi reminds him that they still don’t know what this grand prize will be. They both look at each other and yell out “a gold tooth!” Isigangi and Lolo are both in a daze thinking about what they could purchase with their gold tooth winnings. Lolo’s dream is a night at the arcade spending endless hours on the Pac-man machine. Isigangi is already daydreaming about doing wheelies in his electrical scooter.

Darla’s waiting for the boys and beginning to yawn and feel her eyelids get heavy, as she had been up till early hours of the morning writing flashcards in preparation for study sessions over the weekend. She decided to take a walk through the back yard while waiting and spots a bees nest that she is instantly fascinated with. 

They enter the school assembly hall where the Spelling Bee is being held. As Lolo, Darla and Isigangi open the door and walk in, the door instantly shuts behind them and they all accidentally bump into each other because for some reason the hall is completely dark. 

Darla calls out for their teacher “Mr.Booker, are you there?” There is no reply. Lolo suggests they head back out as maybe the Spelling Bee is being held somewhere else.

As Isigangi reaches out to open the door all of a sudden Darla yells out “Isigangi, STOP! The door is completely covered in bees!” She can hear them buzzing and sees a slight glittering from their honey.  

Isigangi takes a quick step back and backs into Lolo who trips and falls on the ground only to realize the ground is completely covered in honey. Darla tells them “Do not to worry or freak out we will find another way out.”

As they begin to walk, Isigangi spots glowing letters scattered on the floor, he tells Lolo and Darla. They all being to try to figure out if these glowing letters spell anything.

Darla begins to really concentrate on the letters and is able to realize it is actually a word search. She yells out to Isigangi who is closest to one of the words she can spot. Darla yells out, “Isigangi the word right by you is CUP!”

Isigangi looks down and spots the word, as he takes a step on each of the letters the letters change color and at the end of the word a light bulb comes on. They all jump up in excitement and realize the quicker they get on with this word search the brighter it will get and the faster they will be able to find an exit out of the hall. 

They pick up speed with finding words, the light bulbs begin to brighten one by one, with the exit sign now in clear sight. Isigangi is grinning with glee as this means the grand prize is getting closer and that gold tooth is calling his name.

All of a sudden Darla starts to hear a very loud buzzing noise, she turns her head and notices a massive fanged wasp heading straight for her! Before she can duck for cover, Darla is zapped by the wasp and is unable to finish spelling the last word. Her memory is gone for a split second, making her have to restart on the word. Lolo calls out to Darla who is behind both him and Isigangi “ Darla are you okay?” Darla replies “I am fine, let’s just hurry up and get out of here and I don’t want another wasp encounter!”

Lolo begins to notice that the honey is rising and making it harder for them to lift their feet from the ground. Isigangi says “Hey, we better hurry before our feet are stuck.”

Darla warns them they must also duck from the fanged wasps that will zap your memory and cause you to start over again on another word. Isigangi begins to realize that he is quite further ahead of both Lolo and Darla, and he could probably make it out first and get to that grand prize.

Darla begins to notice that Isigangi is working on his own and being less help to her and Lolo. She spots a bee flying right by her. Darla’s ability to talk to any animal always comes to the rescue at the most needed time. She asks the bee if the bee has any idea if there is a quicker way out.

The bee softly says “The more accurate you are with your spelling and the quicker, the slower the honey will rise and the faster you and your friends will be able to get out.” Darla asks the bee “Could you help us by saying what words are ahead? As you have the ability to see further then we can!” The bee replies “Sorry I wish i could but unfortunately, I can’t spell!” Darla thanks the bee for it’s assistance and before she can even say anything else the bee has buzzed away.

Isigangi realizes that the wasps can’t fly very low and tend to be higher up by the lights. He tells Darla and Lolo “Everyone stay low and we should be safe from the wasps.” 

Lolo assures Darla that they will be fine and the exit is closer than she thinks when all of a sudden the honey rises again. Isigangi is now at the exit door working on getting out.

Darla remembers that she had studied these words and knows how they are spelled. She tells Lolo what word is next and before Isigangi can even open the door both Lolo and Darla have caught up to him and now they are all working on the exit door. 

As they push on the door with all their strength trying to not fall into the honey on the ground. The door flies open and they are greeted with a sign saying “Congratulations, you have won the Spelling Bee and a memorable once in a lifetime prize!”

Isigangi is itching to grab his well deserved gold tooth when they all read the certificate and gift cards handed to them that is an all-access pass to a bee farm! 

They all look at each other wiping the sweat off their foreheads, and looking at the honey all over their shoes and up their legs and have a chuckle. Lolo reminds Isigangi that it did say “…a prize locked in your memory!”

Lolo and Isigangi finally make it to the treehouse, when they are shocked not to find Darla, just her flashcards. They look back down in the yard and spot Darla engrossed with a mini bee hive.

They call out to Darla. “Hey Darla, we are up here and waiting for you!” Darla is awoken out of her daze and is relieved to realize that it was all a daydream. Now she knows they must definitely study!

Characters Attire


Brand: Motoreta

Day One - Top: Juno Sweater

                         Bottom: Relaxed Pants

        Day Two - Top: Madrid Sweatshirt

                          Bottom: Carmen Pants


Brand: Motoreta

Day One - Outfit: Kioto Dress

    Day Two - Top: Long Sweatshirt

                      Bottom: Leggings Off White

                                      & Black Stripes 


Brand: Motoreta

Day One - Top: Juno Sweater

                         Bottom: Carmen Pants

        Day Two - Top: Boston Sweatshirt

                     Bottom: Paris Pants

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