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This is the backstory of the characters and friends. 

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Wild, cheeky, and always ready for an adventure!

Special Power:

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Kind, quick thinker, and very knowledgable on a vast category of subjects.

Special Power:


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Mischievous, cunning, and quick with jokes and tricks!

Special Power:

Super strength and unthinkable climbing skills.

Ability to talk to any animal, tree, and plant.

Ability to become a chameleon.


Their Home:

The characters are all living in a children's      group home, because they are all orphan kids around the same age. They each are blessed to have such diverse ethnicities and personalities. 

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They aren’t related but they all share a bond that is so close, it helps fill the hole of having no blood relatives around. 


A wise person once said

"There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family."

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This is the basis for who the characters are and where they come from. From here the short stories are based on their fantasy filled dreams and document their unthinkable adventures.

Gold teeth:

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The frenzy behind these gold teeth, is that in the world of Lolo&Darla it is equivalent to cash! 

As for us all winning is a good feeling, but winning cash is a whole different kind of high. For these characters the more teeth means the more adventures and treats. 

When gold teeth are up for grabs it makes the competitive spirit really shine through each of them. For some it's so they can all enjoy the reward, but for some or one person in particular (usually Isigangi) it is for that ultimate feeling of power.

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